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When things go Wrong

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It was the 23rd August 2019. And it was a disappointing day.

I had finished my editing of my second book and went to upload it.

I waited. And I waited.

Then the message came back. It was not what I wanted to see.

It said something like, “Kindle Direct Publishing cannot except this file format.”

So I tried again. I uploaded it, and pressed return.

And I waited.

The same message came back.

It was a nightmare, but I understood.

I had got the message.

I had a book that wouldn’t be accepted by the technology.

It was ready to launch, but I couldn’t launch it.

What now?

I was angry, and needed to think.

So I went to bed. And slept on it.

And I tried to think about what had gone wrong.

The technology hadn’t changed.

I must have done something wrong.

But what.

Then I remembered something.

I realized where I had gone wrong.

It all became clear.

I had started writing on my Mac Book.

Then I had edited on my Mac Book.

Then I had swapped computers with my son.

To his gaming laptop. (Which isn’t a Mac Book)

And downloaded the software to continue editing.

And it wasn’t for a mac book.

So maybe it wasn’t compatible.

And now for some reason I couldn’t switch it to a PDF?

So now what? What was my next step?

I reflected slowly

I took a step back, and realised a few things.

I still had the book. It was there. It was useable still.

The answer was simple.

I opened a new document on Word.

I decided to copy and paste the book to a new file.

Paragraph by paragraph. Chapter by chapter. Avoiding the “create-space” additions.

I still had the text. I could use it as it was.

I still had the punctuation. I had the speech marks.

Although the book now formed itself without paragraphs. So all I had to do was sort out the splurge effect, and hit return a few times.

And it got another two read-throughs which is always good.

It was a nuisance and I had lost some time.

But I believe the results will be better in the long run.

My book launch was delayed. But the awareness I created is not lost. I can refocus my marketing efforts and learn from my mistakes.

I will plan better.

I will be launching with more followers, and more connections. I will have more things like extra back stories to offer.

It will be better financed.

I should have the merchandising ready first.

Time is on my side.

As an independent author, I decide my schedules. I control my budget, and I remain in charge.

I haven’t lost any readers.

And I can look forward to the launch in the near future.



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