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Hobby 2: Bible Journalling



Introduction to the Bible.

I started reading the Bible (or Good Book), when I was 13 years old. And it has inspired me, challenged me, and at times made me feel justifiably uncomfortable. This is because it like having G_D himself whisper to me through it's pages. And I have learnt the hard way, that his word never changes, and I must adapt my life style to match it.

As Rob Bell says, It is an "ancient library of poems, letters and stories," that can "transform the way you live your life."

Sometimes it's Hebrew nuances are lost in modern life, and yet it still speaks fresh to me every time I read it, whether on phone, paperback or tablet.

That said.. The idea of spending time in the Bible is to ultimately meet with GOD and learn more about him. Which brings me nicely to Bible Journalling..

"Bible journaling is an exciting way to engage with Scripture. It can transform the way you spend time in the Word and it all begins within the margins of the Bible"

For most journallers, it is a creative way to meet G_D afresh in his word. For myself however, it is an act of devotion, and a means to help me memorise the scriptures. They do not have to be great works of art, although I am getting better, because the expression is devotional and not necessarily for public consumption or criticism.

So for example, when I go through the book of Proverbs. (one chapter for every day of the month.) I am reminded that Proverbs are principles not Promises. I reflect again on why I am reading this book and what I hope to get out of it.

I have a note about Holiness from a Rob Bell sermon, and am encouraged to take G-D seriously, and live to please him first.

Alternatively whenever I read Genesis, the first book of the Bible, I am forced to reflect on how much bigger it (and G_D) is than just the words on the page. Based on true events it was written in poetic form to tell the creation story in a memorable way. It is the origin of much of what we know today, and still speaks to us thousands of years after it was written.

I am reminded to rest and find his presence. To not overdo it, and be part of the creative process he set in place. I do this through the journalling and writing science fantasy books.

Perhaps like above, I decide to add pages. Sometimes I use stickers. I write reflections and notes, and let things develop. It is a chance to throw caution to the wind and see where it takes me.

Finally I realise that the bible was written by real people, in real places and set times in history. They struggled as we struggle with issues, and dilemmas, and found a way through them. sometimes it was messy, and sometimes they needed to be kicked into doing the right thing.

And today, with all our science, gadgets and theology, it could be argued that things haven't changed much. Because we struggle too. W

With issues.

With dilemmas

With each other.

But G_D.

With him there is always a 2nd chance, and a 3rd etc. It is about love for him and your neighbour. It is about not giving up, and persevering when things do not make sense.

There is growth available, and much more waiting.

It is personal, and I remain open to what the Holy Spirt shows me.

And although some of the same themes keep emerging, it is still fresh.

Sounds like a great adventure to me..

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