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This is a blog about how the world was made and written from he perspective of a talking Earth. It is not meant to be a scientific textbook as it is written by a science-fantasy author, who just loves the Creation Poem. (If you don't like this idea.. Chill out.)

Dear Reader,

My name is Terra. You may know me as ‘the Earth.’ Or maybe ‘the Planet.’

You do not know me that well. Though you think you do.

Do you know what motivates me?

Do you appreciate how I work, and all I do for you?

And do you fully understand why things happen as they do.

It has come to my attention that some of you mistakenly call me ‘Gaia,’ and see me as just a system that regulates everything. But that is not really so. It is true to say I have processes that are able to help you.

But I am not really in control.

For starters, I am just ‘The Earth.’ I am a globe shaped object rotating around a star, which is just one in millions.

Even if you were to focus in, you would see that I am just a small insignificant planet in space. I sit in the solar system among the many other planets. But, I am the platform that you live on.

You walk and run on my surface. You sail on my waters. You breed crops in my soil, and breath from my air.

In many ways we are alike. Made of the same material. Made from the same substances. And like you I have a purpose and depend on many things.

Like gravity, and solar magnetic pull. For without it we would both float out into space. You would not be able to walk and survive, and plants would not grow.

And universal expansion and spinning. For this brings variety of times and seasons. It is symbolic of the change we all have to endure.

Even with today’s modern technology, my actions affect you on a daily basis. And your actions affect me too. I hope you understand that we are co-effected. And we share the consequences of each other’s actions. This has not always gone well for us both. Our mistakes escalate, and grow.

There had been deaths.

Too many deaths

And we are both responsible for them.

From the raging volcanoes that erupts like zits from your faces,

to the tsunamis caused by eruptions on the surface,

and the acid rain that is caused by mass production.

At our best, you live on me, and depend on me, for food and oxygen. And I depend on you for good stewardship and management. But the processes of how they work and how they are damaged are outside of my control. That is in part down to yourself and your life style. But please do now fall for the trap of arrogance.

Primarily, we are both limited by YHWH - The Creator, and his sustaining Shekinah Spirit. It was them that created me, and ‘The Three’ that keep me alive.

And all I can do is glorify them by my existence. My beauty reflecting my creator’s genius and vision.

So, this is my story of how I came to be. The how and the why. It is my story and yet it is our story.

Day 1 Chemical Development

First of all, before anything else, there was nothing.

But G_D. Just G_D.

YHWH, he is sometimes called. The ultimate creative force. He was there anyway. Always was, and always will be.


Existing and thinking.

Designing and planning.

Building on what was envisioned.

And then there was ‘the mess.’ The mess came later. Out of nowhere. But from someone. All part of the great design process.

The scientific mind of YHWH created chemicals.

Lots and lots of chemicals.

From nothing.

Because he could.

And they mixed as they wanted, so nothing made sense. Everything was chaotic.

Then the atoms and gasses rubbed against each other, and things came about. With the power of many volcanoes and a multitude of atomic bombs, there was a force so great happening all over the universe, as. Multiple big bangs started to bring about life.

If you could have seen it, you would have been confused. The chances are that you would have said “Yuk.”

The universe was just a giant cosmic soup of material that had been brought into existence when the LORD shone his light. And today, some of your scientists will confirm that it was a mysterious light that started the process of creation.

The light brought forth life.

And the life brought some order.

And the chaos started to subside.

It started at small light quanta that grew in intensity. And as light quanta diffused light streams into the universe, it showed how the universe was chaotic and unordered. But the Spirit of YHWH saw this as she hovered over the watery elements. And the Spirit yearned for change and order. The Spirit wanted life.

And so, it was. For at this time, that I was formed from a mere scoop of all the mess. Just a small liquid sphere in the overall scheme of things. And I was placed in the solar system around a rotating sun. Your Sun. Just three liquid rocks away from that enormous burning mass that continued to reflect YHWH’s presence, as it never burned out.

And in the same way that the solar system rotated around the Sun, the sun rotated within its place in the universe. And the universe rotated within itself. And I could feel the power of the Creator in the creative process. For that is how he works.

Energy and light together in perpetual motion.

Motivated by a divine love.

Changing and transforming everything.

And I came to be and instrument of change.

For the first time, I could feel the Creator’s pleasure. I existed and he thought of me a marvel to behold. And rightly so, for all creation was truly amazing.

It rotated whilst oozing life and purpose.

And with that purpose, I experienced the darkness as I was faced away from the Sun. And then in time, the night passed. And I was exposed to the light again.

It is always been that way ever since.

Darkness, then light.

Night, then day.

Trouble before relief.

Entrapment before the glorious rescue.

And that was day one over and done.

For the new day was upon us.

Day 2 Liquidity

At this stage I was still just a big blob of vapors. I had no core, no land, seas or rivers.

All I had was a purpose in glorifying G_D, but I knew I was somehow destined for more.

And the Creator had other plans.

“Separate yourselves now into different types of liquid.”

It was a powerful command, and my liquid atoms could do nothing but obey. And I wanted to do nothing but obey.

So, the various liquids I consisted off started to find order within the mess. And they accumulated into sections and groups.

First, there were the heavenly vapor-like liquids that made up ‘the sky.’ And then, there were the lower liquids that made up ‘the sea.’

Sea and Sky.

Water and Vapor.

Both distinct from each other.

Wild, and untamed

They reflected the amazing creator who made them.

Perhaps it was the movement of the dance that caused oxygen to form in the biosphere, but it formed at an enormous rate. Carbon vapor from the waters, formed into oxygen and carbon became liquidic in nature. It was amazing and it gave the earth a feeling of energy that grew and grew.

Eventually I resembled a giant oxygen tank, that had all the marks ready for life to begin.

Once again Life brought life. And the Creator smiled over me, with pure delight. But I sensed he wasn’t finished yet.

I was ready for the next day.

Then the night danced in.

And like a slow waltz, the morning followed as before.

My second day was done.

Day 3 Solidification Process

Once more the creator spoke. His voice echoing across the universe but aimed directly at me.

“Let the water below the sky form solid in one place. Now let the dry ground appear.”

It was a powerful word of instruction that made sense to me like nothing before. The chemicals obeyed, and some of my liquid elements started to take different forms.

They became solid. And they spread out into the sphere. They then formed themselves into yet further groups, and the solids became what you today understand to be the ‘land mass.’ It is made up of many chemicals, but mostly carbon.

But there was even more going on than you could see.

My ‘core’ started to form below the sea, where it was coldest. And I took on the spherical shape you know today.






Lots of blue visible was apparently from above, and rotating as I performed a tango for the Creator’s pleasure.

During this process, some of the chemicals surrounding me formed another circle that rotated around me. This soon became the moon you know today, as it cooled quickly and linked itself into my gravitational pull, and that of the Sun.

I had a little sister and although I couldn’t see her for the vapor, we joined hands and danced. And we never let go. To this day, we continue to share our place in the solar system as we spin around all day enjoying each other’s company.

Now I hope you can understand, but at this stage, I was not the world you know today, but a unified land mass. My divisions into continents came later. The “Pangea” your scientists have envisioned was a constant temperature from pole to pole. And it was only cold on those areas that the sun failed to shine on as the night became day.

It was amazing.

There were ravines, and canyons and fjords.

There were beaches and rivers and areas of mud.

But so far, I was relatively empty.

And although the creator smiled down on me, I could sense that he wasn’t finished yet. But yet again I also knew that something had begun, and I was curious to see what would follow.

It was then that in my confusion, I heard “YHWH - the Creator” speak again. And his voice was gentle like a wind, that was soothing me before leading me to achieve more.

“Land of the Earth. Bring forth vegetation and plants. I bless you with my creative power to produce many kinds. From big trees to little algae your diversity should know no limits, and not be restrained by predictable patterns.”

It gave permission for the next big thing.

An Infilling.

Life to accompany matter.

Living things to mingle with what was inanimate.

And everything started to change quickly. I had no idea what was happening when the algae started to sprout first. Just tiny spores of blue algae and a few green chloroplasts.

Small and insignificant to start.

Passionate, loving, but untamed.

And the untamed plants ate oxygen and omitted Carbon dioxide, which fed plants and helped them grow into bigger greener algae as they developed further within their kinds.

Then YHWH created a few small plants and bestowed on them the same ability to develop within their species.

For fun I suspect.

To diversify and to adapt.

To show beauty and variety of form.

Then he created trees and fungi. For fun and because it was his nature to do so. And when the plants breathed carbon dioxide, they produced yet more oxygen. And the plants became larger plants. All feeding into the cycle that the Creator had developed.

The processes reflected the Creator and got more and more creative. He also got more detailed. For inside every plant no matter how small was D.N.A which contains their design and construction code. And as more DNA was produced, the variety of life multiplied and became bigger and more diverse.

In time, whole families of plants developed or were planted by the creator across my surface. In fact, their beauty started to astound me, as they merged in with the natural features and complimented all that had gone before. Even trees varied in size and shape from miniscule species, (now lost to you,) to large behemoths type constructions that towered into the sky.

And as they grew so quickly, the plants let drop seeds and spores into the wind of the Spirit that carried them onto other areas. The unified land mass made the process easier, as the winds didn’t have to carry seeds and spores across various oceans. And it was all boosted by the oxygen vacuum that now covered the planet.

I realized that I had found my place around our own sun, and among the legions of stars and planets. And I realized that I had been blessed with the ability to sustain life. The Creator had blessed me in that way, and I knew of no other tendency but to bless the plants that were covering my surface.

Meanwhile YHWH was pleased and they celebrated within the Trinity. And they discussed what should happen next for it was clear to me that the process of creation was only about half complete and the problems of the next day started.

Day 4 - Out of the Mist

Once more it was necessary for the night to come first, so that the creation process could continue. I had already been entrusted with life giving powers through oxygen and the food that grew in abundance on Pangea, but I was now wondering what this was all for. It was then the Creator spoke again.

“We must have lights in the sky vaults to separate the day from the night. This way they can serve as signs to mark all that is sacred in days and years. They can also give light to The Earth.”

And just like that another process began. The Shekinah started to blow with his wind, and the vapors in the biosphere started to reduce a little. After all that had gone before it felt like a tweaking, but its effect was clear.

The Moon and the Sun became visible for the first time from the Earth. I smiled as I looked on my sister Moon. She was white and pure, and appeared to be made up of a chalk-like substance. Even today, she remains a marvel to behold.

And as I stared at her, I saw great meteors hit her as we danced. But my sister moon has never stopped and complained. Despite thousands of objects that have hit her, she holds on and keeps going. Even though some of the craters are the size of volcanos and miles wide, she just keeps dancing with me and stays in tune to the heavenly dance.

She is my helper, and in many ways, I could not keep going without her. For she aids my gravity to keep me in the Suns pull. And she influences my tides so that life is aided on Earth. This effect was clear from this moment, as she started to vanish from the horizon. This ended the night.

And then I saw the sun. It was a gorgeous red sphere that omitted light and determined the arrival of the day. And with the day, came much warmth and it pleased the Creator.

He was delighted even at what was happening. And yet there was no pride in his achievement just the desire to love and keep loving. And YHWH was wanting to show it by action. And I could tell that the creative process was not yet over and that something new was coming.

Day 5 - The Creatures Emerge

My fifth day involved major change, and it was obvious that the Creator was not slowing down. No sooner had the day began, that the voice of the Shekinah Spirit was heard.

“Let the water be filled with living creatures."

Her voice sounded like a gentle breeze.

And as she spoke, I felt movement within my waters. A little at first, but growing in inmtensity. And I realized that Living creatures had emerged and were moving about. They came in all shapes and sizes, and included things I had never even conceived off before.

They should have taken millions of years to develop, but they didn’t. So how could they suddenly appear?

Yet, here they were. And they appeared very suddenly.

Almost in an instant.


Capable of development

There were jellyfish, sharks, dolphins and sea-horses which survived to this day. And some can even be found in your fossil records. So far you have only catalogued about one hundred thousand of them, but there are many more to be found.

They cause great debate among your scholars on my surface. And theories have been conceived. And sometimes new discoveries cause existing theories to be re-written.

The fossil records reveal that all of them were complex in design, at this stage. But over time they appear to be getting simpler as they reproduce within their various species. It is like they are mutating and causing some of the original D.N.A to be lost.

But as morning started to come in, it was obvious that YHWH still hadn’t finished yet. Another command came whispering like the wind.

“May birds fly and multiply above the earth across the sky.”

And as I reflected on all that came before, I saw that winged creatures were now flying through my misty skies. They were made from carbon and other materials, and appeared suddenly long before the land animals. And there were many of them, and they ate some of the plants, and aided in their spread through seeds.

Now with the creation of sex, they were reproducing very quickly. And as their numbers grew, they were taking in the oxygen, and omitting carbon dioxide. For they ate with their beaks and they pooped from their undersides.

I was not pleased at first. But in my lack of Wisdom, I came to see differently. I soon discovered that even this had a benefit, as seeds and chemicals were added back to the land.

And the Trinity chuckled within themselves. And they smiled and marveled at what was taking shape. For even I could sense that the process was reaching some kind of completion.

Then YHWH smiled at me. Things were balanced, and I (The Earth,) looked truly amazing. And as I rotated on my axis, God said it was “good.”

He was right.

It was good, healthy and life giving.

And my fifth day ended, as day six rolled in.

Day 6 - Mammals & Mankind

On the sixth day, G_d gave another command and I started to see land animals.

Some crept along the ground, like snakes and lizards. Some animals walked on all fours and some (like monkeys,) even climbed trees. Having been placed across the whole of Pangea, all of them adapted to their environment through their natural instincts.

There was a great variety and the creator saw it was all good. But of all the creatures YHWH could find no creature that he could communicate and build a relationship with. Although they had bodies, and minds, none had a soul. For YHWH is also spirit and he wanted to speak Spirit to Spirit.

And the evening turned to morning and I wondered what he would do. In patience, I watched and I soon discovered.

Adamah to Adam

That same morning, YHWH took some of the dust from my surface. This is known as my “Adamah.” And then having taken my “Adamah;” they modelled it into a shape. Next YHWH added some water, and used that to keep the earth shape together. The most divine and greatest creation so far.

“But what was it?” I wondered.

“This is Adam,” said the LORD.

Creation looked baffled.

The angels looked baffled.

I was baffled.

At first, I naively thought it resembled an ape, as it had two legs, two arms, a body, and a head. It was complex in many ways, with muscles, and sinews, and veins. But it had not life.

“Is this really the pinnacle of creation?” I wondered.

“Is this really what everything else has led towards,” thought the angels.

It was incomprehensible beyond belief, that the Divine has so little vision to me. And would life really be worth it for this species anyway. And with all this in mind I watched, as I expected YHWH to just give the “life command.”

YHWH however had other plans, and did something that he didn’t do with the other creatures. This remains the biggest mystery.

Why would one creature be given special treatment over all others, and what was his plan?

Firstly, YHWH took the man in the palm of his hand. Then he breathed his very breath into the creature, and it came to life. And the air continued to circulate through its body, going around and around, as it was pumped via the blood in the most amazing way.

It transpired that YHWH and placed his Shekinah breath into the man. And from then on Mankind has been a living soul, with a body. Distinct from all or creation, but with physical similarities to some species.

And as I floated in space, I watched something even more unusual in the way the first man behaved. He was stopping to look at the details of flowers, and nature. It was interacting and enjoying them. It was finding things to be good, just as YHWH had done.

This was the first time I saw sentient intelligence, and free will. Adam possessed a mind that was curious, and could reason. And he was like YHWH in many ways.

It soon became apparent that this Earth man, (Adam), had the ability to feel things and think subjectively. He had imagination and could apply it to changing his environment. But that wasn’t all. It was observing, testing, learning and making its own decisions rather than relying on instincts. The creative spirit had been passed on, as Adam created fire, and then tools to help himself.

And YHWH was aware he was different. So, Adam and YHWH talked together for some time, and he was put in charge of looking after me. They shared life together and kept each other company. And I was being looked after too.

But there was a problem. I had the moon and the solar system. YHWH was three persons within one entirety. But the man was alone. And this didn’t seem right.

In my limited capacity, I could sense the creator feeling the same way. So, I wondered why this was, and if anything would be done for the man?

Then YHWH put the man into a deep sleep like being under an anesthetic. And while he was under, G_D through his Shekinah Spirit, performed surgery on him.

It lasted for hours, and eventually YHWH had removed a rib. It was literally just a small insignificant rib. But from that wastage, he formed another human being called woman, as she was taken out of the man, and she would have a womb for giving birth.

YHWH called her Eve. She was the first female, and she was also made in G_D’s image. And she remained distinct, even though she was taken from what YHWH had previously created. And all mankind’s D.N.A can be traced back to Eve. (Although some scientists will argue that Adam and Eve may not have lived at the same time.)

And so, YHWH only made the two sexes.

Male and female.

Adam and Eve.

And they had a reciprocal relationship. They were equal partners, and members of team humanity. I could see that both had greater potential.

The woman was designed by G_D to fit in with Adam both physically and spiritually, and to help him in any way. Her role was to meet him in his time of need. His role was to meet her needs, and work with her.

For Adam had always had many needs. But there was one new need in particular called “sexual attraction.”

And I noticed how they looked at each other, with instincts like animals, but with the love only the creator himself knew. And as they stared into each other’s eyes, I could sense the appreciation of each other, and the way they expressed it so uniquely.

Even in this they were superior to the animals.

And of all the creatures on the planet, they alone had sex face to face.

Checking out each others expression.

Looking at each other and engaging with what the other enjoyed.


One flesh from two.

This became the origin of marriage, and was based on their attraction for each other. This went beyond recognition and they enjoyed each other’s company sexually and without shame.

As they experienced intimacy, they joined each other physically, and became one flesh. Then their minds and emotions were falling closely into sync. They even both ran around naked, and enjoyed the liberty of their expression.

Skin on Skin. As they touched and experimented.

Soul to soul. The real Adam to the real Eve. Sharing desires, ambitions, motives and the same reasoning processes.

They responded to each other.

They connected to each other.

Equality and opportunity working together. An alliance in word and deed. Neither of them was controlling or dominating the other and both of them focused on common goals.

They found a unity within their diversity. Their differences mattered little and they complimented each other. Making everything work together for good.

Adam and Eve, as the only Man and woman thought this was ‘good.’ And so did YaHWeH. For he was happy for them. Delighted even.

He had placed them to be a unit. And they set up their home. And they found their purpose in life, for they had a garden to look after called ‘Eden.’

It was a beautiful place.

Beautiful beyond anything we could ever imagine

They began their farming there.

But it required little effort.

Initially they were using plants with four times the average yield of today.

Life was good, and everything upon myself, (the Earth,) was good to them.

And as the night ended, the day came, and there was a period of perfection upon the planet.

Day 7 - Resting

YHWh had finally finished his masterpiece. And what a masterpiece it was. He had created a world with divine purposes, and processes. He had created plants to fill it. He had formed animals. He had brought forth life.

And on top of it all was the Earth man, and his wife. Adam and Eve were sentient beings, with the ability to make their own choices. They could love without reservation and by decision. They were allowed to make mistakes. And Adams and Eve reflected the unity of the Three.

Then, to my surprise -

God rested.

He literally stopped.

He put down his tools down.

He remained quiet and waited.

I had wondered why? “Why stop now?”

And eventually I worked it out.

I realized that YaHWeH knew it was all amazing. So, he took a long-earned rest, to enjoy what he had made. YaHWeH wanted to spend time in it, at its perfection. Within the Trinity, they wanted to discuss it among themselves, as that is what relationships are about.

I also realized that YaHWeH he wants you to enjoy his creation too. He wants you to experience sacred times and seasons. But sadly, I have watched mankind exhaust himself. Always working and not reflecting like Adam and Eve did at first.

I came to realize that life isn’t just about doing, but enjoying a quality of purpose and pleasure in existence. I now realize that the rest is vital for your well-being. You are meant to enjoy life, as the first humans did.

But then eventually things were to go wrong. And it all kind of started with Eve.

To be continued…

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