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Corona Virus Poems

Updated: May 20

I am proud to be an N.H.S minion and work in a hospital for my Day Job. I am a porter, and funnily enough my name is Gurney. (A Gurney is also a trolley for transporting people and bodies on). But this is no joking subject.

Please find below a series of Poems and prayers, I wrote (mostly) during periods of self isolation. This is a difficult time, as it means waiting to get back onto the front line, where I want to be.

Many of these have already appeared on my Facebook posts, but I wanted to bring them together into one place. I hope that they help in some small way.

Poem "My fellow Christians just don't get it"


In america, (USA) a church has challenged a court ruling to limit church numbers to 10. I find their complaints irritating. In the UK churches are closed to avoid spreading the disease. I support the lock down because I believe it is best in the long term.

Some would call it victimisation to close the churches

Some would say a disgrace

"For we should open churches in the name of GOD"

And endanger the human race...

It is crazy theological talk and what is more absurder,

If it goes wrong and someone dies, you could be tried for murder.

They say that God can heal the Land

We should not live in fear

And we should continue to meet one another

and spread Corona around all year.

Well I say "this is not a time for your rights

Nor a time for some self righteous fight,

You should not be arguing with the heaven horde

But instead stay at home and seek the LORD.

Yes you should do it day and night

But stay at home and do whats right.

NR Gurney. All rights reserved

Poem. "Until I was sent home again"


I emerge from my isolating

into a strange planet

I have never seen such quiet street before

And it cant be right, can it?

Normally I would see school children

But the schools are shut today

The ordinary workers that are usually here

Have suddenly gone away

The journey to work is shortly finished

The bus stops less with less people on it

Normally it is delayed by the traffic

But the cars have gone away

Ordinary people confined to their houses

For me a brand new day

Copyright NR Gurney - all rights reserved

The Invisible Threat


Out there


Unknown, clandestine

Corona awaits

Stalking the shadows

It haunts us

penetrates our darkness

Infects, attacks

Produces illness

Cripples a nation

People die


No answers, no miracles

But people unite

Love starts to win

In here


Home alone, Loved

Waiting the healing

When my body wins

And I return to society

By NR Gurney

Copyright - all rights reserved

Prayer "Waiting"


Lord I am frustrated

I don't like waiting

My desire is to be on the front line

Making a difference as you inspire me to do

And yet I am here

Home alone

In a safe place yet again

And I wait


That I am doing my bit by not spreading the virus

By not infecting the hospital

And complying with the government advice

So why

Do I feel guilty?

Like I am failing others?

And why am I ill anyway?

And why do I strive to do more?

But I trust you will carry me through

That I will heal

And you will give me my chance

To be all that I can be

And maybe more.

So I wait


Yes, even angrily

Grateful to be alive

By NR Gurney - all rights reserved



It is fine to say

"Now stay of work, and help the N.H.S."

But what about those who fear their employers

And don't want to create a fuss

And where are they when things go wrong

And others don't understand

When your best intentions are misconceived

And people don't give a damn

Where are they in the sleepless nights

And when my fevers high

When I fear the worst is going to happen

And fear that I could die

Now I know the worrying is bad for my health

But isolation has that effect

For we are not meant to be alone

It is a Creation fact

We make ourselves sick with worry

Our health deteriorates

Instead of getting better

We work ourselves into a state

We question if it was "them, or us?"

We ask if its "abuse?"

And in that downward-spiralling process

We stew in our own juice

So please

To just show a little compassion

Is the best that you can give

And not passing any judgement

Will help us all

To live

By NR Gurney. All rights reserved.



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