Feedback From Readers

Green Mist rising is fun to read, imagine a different universe where everyone is green and living in a more advanced civilization. It has humor, suspense, and a story that develops in unexpected ways. Well worth reading, look forward to reading the next episodes in the second book. (Review on,,12.04.2019).

Enjoyed "Green Mist Rising", light reading, takes you to a fantasy world. Waiting for next book ( 14.07.2019)

 Prepare to enter a green fantasy land called Celtishia under threat from an advanced Egypt and a Pharaoh determined to expand his territory at all costs. Meanwhile in Plymouth following an electrical storm Sarah Salter finds herself caught in this alternative dimension. Neil's work is written for teen plus readers. By day he works as a hospital porter. By night he inhabits the world of an independent author writing science fiction with a local edge. (Devon Life Magazine, september 2020)



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